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Youtube is a modern video hosting service where videos are posted, stored, and viewed. Youtube tools can be used by all users who have access to the Internet, including those who do not plan to register. But the owners of channels with unique content are most concerned not with the ability to watch videos, but with the search for services to buy likes on YouTube. On such services, they are sold and bought for real money. At the same time, the number of them under the video becomes an indicator of its relevance.

Why and who needs to buy likes

It depends on the number of fingers placed up under the video:

joining the hosting partner program (the video gets to the top position of the issue, it is watched more, the popularity of the author grows, it reaches the desired threshold of entry into the affiliate program faster);
the speed of promotion of your own product, brand;
the success of doing business.
Entrepreneurs, bloggers, and even personal users need likes. The only thing is that those who do not sell, do not offer anything and do not have their own channel do not need them. In short, people who are looking for entertainment on YouTube, not earnings, for example, watching music videos, movies, educational videos.

Popular bloggers (large audience, thousands and thousands of likes on videos) earn well, gain popularity, and the goods and services they advertise are successfully sold.

Of course, it is possible to achieve certain fame in narrow circles without using artificial cheating. To do this, users are required to create high-quality and interesting content. But the process of independently attracting new subscribers and forming your own audience stretches for months and even years. You will not be able to earn money quickly and get promoted.

Experienced youtubers advise you to buy likes on YouTube if:

It is urgently necessary to increase sales;
the author of the channel has a specific goal, for example, he needs to create an image and earn a good reputation;
the channel is planned to be developed for subsequent income generation from it;
I want to rise in the ranking, become a sought-after author.
Likes are an indicator of the activity of people/subscribers, and channels with a large, active audience are popular among advertisers. Accordingly, the blogger will receive remuneration not only from YouTube, but also from an individual/ legal entity ordering an advertising service from him. We are not talking about cosmic sums, but popular authors earn more than enough to run that

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